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All our products are design and handmade by us.

We cooperate with therapists, psychologists, teachers and doctors.

We want to convince people to discover beauty of nature with their children.

Our puzzles support the development of small motor skills.

All products have a set of certificates.

We promote recycling, upcycling and ecology.

There are so many solutions to find!

Through our products we encourage kids to discover nature, biology or mathematical logic.
We are inspired by Montessori method, Waldorf school and work of Gever Tulley and Richard Louv.
We combine it and reconstruct for our own need.
We want to be a real help for teachers and parents in kid developments and education.
We think that learning through play is the best way to hit the minds of our customers.

Recommended by therapists

They are ideal for children who have similar schematic interests.
I like the way you have designed to encourage fine motor skills activities.
Great for independent play or activities with a practitioner when investigating, predicting and discovering.
Using visual, tactile and proproception senses, fine and gross motor skills.
I believe you have a treasure trove of products (I believe all pirates have a treasure trove – yes I read your profile also).
I like how they are all designed to nurture and encourage children’s natural curiosity.
Also taking the the educational factors into consideration make these powerful.
I adore the fact these are all your own work from concept design to completion from my perspective it is a valuable attribute making your work unique.