Thanks to them we play instruments and create. We’re talking about our hands, the ideal tools that made human evolution soar.
Some of the smallest bones in the human body are hidden in our hands. The opposable thumb makes it possible for us to grasp and catch objects. Agile fingers can express gestures, lift a cake or paint a picture.
The puzzle “High five!” will introduce you to the structure of a hand. The two-level puzzle will answer questions about how the bones are named and why there are as many as 8 bones in the wrist.

– Dimensions: 24 x 24 cm,
– 34 elements + frame and cover,
– 2-level puzzle,
– Thickness of the puzzle: 5 mm,
– Thickness of the base and cover: 3 mm,
– Painted with colorless, odorless varnish with approval for children.

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