Stuka Puka in cooperation with M2 Films presents a series of products inspired by the main characters of the ‘Kedi – The Secret Life of Cats’ documentary.
Istanbul is a city with an unique history reaching thousands of years, and at the same time, it is the only true cat’s empire … Sharpie, Clingy, Sultan, Flirty, Beast, Crankie and Smarty are unique individuals and our guides to Istanbul. We watch their adventures and every day meetings with the residents. They freely drop in to the local shops, cafes and apartments.
Nobody can resist their charm, and Istanbul would be completely different without them. They are predatory, stubborn, determined, but also grateful, joyful and faithful. They are truly the most important inhabitants of Istanbul – it’s hidden treasure, tireless companions and an unreal mirror in which everyone can see himself. Just look at the world from their perspective. You got to know their secret life!
Sultan lives in one of the richest districts of Istanbul. Thanks to his dignified temper, he made a covenant with the owners of an elegant restaurant. He never intrudes. Staring at the waiters, he waits patiently for his meal – usually smoked meat and cheese. He draws attention distinctively, his eyes melts even the hardest hearts. Despite the diet imposed by the restaurateurs, thanks to which he lost some kilos, he complements the shortages in the diet by burying in garbage, which only confirms that no matter how elegant, he still remains a street cat.

-Size: 14 x 18 cm.
-Thickness: 10 mm.
-Covered with child-safe colourless varnish.



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