In the next installment of “Science from the inside”, we decided to look inside the pigeon.
In this 3-level puzzle, we demonstrate both the internal and external structure of this most popular city dweller living in Poland.
The Free As A Bird Puzzle shows the diverse anatomical structure, unique skeletal system, scheme of air sacs, and unique arrangement of internal organs that allow these animals to soar into the sky.
The puzzle teaches the complex wing structure along with the arrangement and type of feathers. Free As A Bird puzzle is a great help in exploring the topic of the animal kingdom and its biodiversity.
Let your imagination run wild and spread your wings with us!

– Dimensions: 45 x 63 cm
– 3-Level Puzzle.
– 69 pieces + frame and cover.
– Puzzle thickness: 5 mm.
– Base thickness: 3 mm.
– Cover thickness: 3 mm.
– Painted with a colorless and odorless varnish, safe for children.

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