Within our forests live dragons and Godzillas hidden in the mulch. They undergo transformations just like a character from the movie Alien. They are our neighbors and can be found in gardens and on mountain trails. Immerse yourself in the world of amphibians and discover their biodiversity. Four representatives of this species will guide your child through the intricate stages of development and show what unique forms these animals take. Fall in love with newts, salamanders, and toads, and discover the legless amphibians native to the remote areas of South America and Asia.
Puzzle “Here be dragons” is the first installment of our new “Bet On Evolution” series, which will systematize the development cycles of different species and make learning an excellent adventure.

– Dimensions: 27 x 29 cm,
– 5-level puzzle,
– 21 elements + frame and cover,
– Thickness of the puzzle: 5 mm,
– Thickness of the base: 3 mm,
– Thickness of the cover: 3 mm.

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