Anger, sadness, love, joy, fulfillment, fear, or disapproval are complex emotions underpinned by other unmet or met needs.
To quote Francois Rabelais: “It is impossible to see the whole mountain by looking only at its peak”.
In the same way. we cannot understand. accept and work with emotions without understanding which impulses they arise from.
The Puzzle “Mixed Feelings” is based on Plutchik’s wheel of emotions. This American psychologist proposed the existence of eight basic emotions, which by mixing together create complex forms responsible for specific experiences.
The puzzle is arranged in the form of a blooming flower, neutral in color, and will allow you to understand the complexity of emotions that accompany us in everyday life. The added sets of wax crayons will allow you to color the elements in a variety of tones, which will facilitate the understanding of the complexity of feelings, their interpenetration, and complementarity.

– Dimensions: 25 x 25 cm,
– 32 elements + frame and cover,
– Puzzle Thickness: 5 mm,
– Comes with Bambino wax crayons,
– Base and cover thickness: 3 mm,
– Painted with odorless, colorless varnish safe for children.

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